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Places to visit in Uruguay

Punta del Este

One thing Uruguay is known for are their natural beaches.  A great beach area is the Rocha Coast.  Here you will find La Paloma, Cabo Polonio and La Pedrera.  During your time you can enjoy surfing swimming, and fishing.  Also they have Punta del Este, which is a great tourist spot and resort area where you can find ports, shops, ... Read More »

Travel to Uruguay!


Uruguay is located in South America east of Argentina.  With a population of 3.4 million you will find a third of the population in the cities capital, Montevideo.  Uruguay has a Spanish and Italian heritage and the primary language includes Spanish, Portunol, and Brazilero.  The main religion is Roman Catholic and the city has a 98% literacy rate.  The high ... Read More »

Chile Makes Top 10 Strongest Economy Index


In 2013, Chile scored a 79 in the Economic Freedom test.  Thus, making Chile the 7th freest country leading over the U.S., which scored a 76 and is the 10th freest country.  It is the top country within the Latin Caribbean region.  This country owes their .7-point increase since 2012 to an efficient judicial system and conservative public financial management. ... Read More »

Experience Chile


Located in a narrow strip down the west coast of South America between Argentina and the Pacific you will find Chile.  As the sixth largest country with a growing population of over 16 million people; you will find a community of retirees who migrated from their native lands.  You will find about 40% of the population residing in the countries ... Read More »

Colombia Encourages Foreign Trade and Investments


Colombia is a beautiful country found in South America located between Ecuador and Venezuela.  Colombia became an independent country on July 20th, 1810.  According to World Bank’s population data, there were  almost 48 million people living in Colombia as of 2012.  The Colombian flag represents the cultural diversity through its contrasting colors of yellow, blue and red. Over the past ... Read More »

New Life in Ecuador. What To Do Now?


Moving to live abroad is both challenging and exciting. Many expats are trying to define what to do when established in a new land full of new experiences and expectations. Good choices are to acquire skills to interact with native citizens by learning the language or joining philanthropic causes and became part of missions that help under-served and less privileged ... Read More »

Explore Ecuador!

DSCN0129 (1)

Ecuador has affordable healthcare and low cost of living.  There are many attractions to enjoy with your friends and family and a new lifestyle in the way you dine out and shop.  In Quito, the capital of Ecuador and main tourist city,  you can find guided tours and hikes. In Baños de Agua Santa (Baths of Sacred Water) you will ... Read More »

Health Care in Ecuador


Ecuador has a Ministry of Public Health that regulates and creates health policies and plans, and whose philosophy is to give social support and services to the lower income population.  The current Minister of Public Health in Ecuador is Mrs. Carina Vance, who happens to be a graduate of University of California. If you are establishing residence in Ecuador, you ... Read More »

Retiring in Ecuador


United States (U.S.) retirees moving overseas have increased by 47% in the past 10 years.   According to ABC News almost 350,000 U.S. Citizens have retired overseas and approximately 4,000 of them are in Ecuador.  The Ambassadorial-level relationship between the U.S. and Ecuador was rebuilt in 2011.  U.S. tourist and future residents will now financially benefit in migrating to Ecuador.  Thus, ... Read More »