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Chile Makes Top 10 Strongest Economy Index


In 2013, Chile scored a 79 in the Economic Freedom test.  Thus, making Chile the 7th freest country leading over the U.S., which scored a 76 and is the 10th freest country.  It is the top country within the Latin Caribbean region.  This country owes their .7-point increase since 2012 to an efficient judicial system and conservative public financial management. ... Read More »

On The News: Retirement


Learn financial concepts behind sound retirement plan investment and pension fund management. This free course offered by Stanford University will help participants to become more informed decision makers about their own portfolios, and be equipped to evaluate economic policy discussions that surround public pensions.   FINANCE OF RETIREMENT AND PENSIONS Read More »

The world is your play land.

Colombia mountains

There are numerous countries to move to as an expat.  HSBC conducted a survey and awarded Singapore as the top expat destination in 2013 followed by Thailand in 2nd place and the Cayman Islands for 3rd. Although these are great options you may also enjoy Ecuador, Colombia, or Chile.  The expat communities in these countries have grown over the years.  ... Read More »

Time for a change of scenery!


If you have the privilege, opportunity, or curiosity to travel, why not take it?  There are expats all over the world learning a new culture. As of 2001, the U.S. Census has roughly estimated over 2.2 million Americans are living overseas.  Whether it is for retirement, business, or a need for change, there are 3 key points to consider before ... Read More »

So you want to be an Expat?


Now that you are here, chances are you want to retire as an Expat.  Expat is short for Expatriate, which derives from the Latin term ex patria (meaning out of the country).  An expat is defined as someone who temporarily or permanently moves out of his or her country of origin.  There are several reasons why someone may decide to ... Read More »

Expat Shares His Experience About Retiring in Ecuador


In 2012, Maxwell Thompson decided to retire abroad.  Through the assistance of Between Worlds Language Services, he was able to obtain all of the required legal documents and translations in order to embark on his adventure. “Between World’s services are professional in every extent possible,”  Max shared. ” They not only translated my documents perfectly, but also sent them to ... Read More »