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Colombia Encourages Foreign Trade and Investments

Colombia Encourages Foreign Trade and Investments


Colombia is a beautiful country found in South America located between Ecuador and Venezuela.  Colombia became an independent country on July 20th, 1810.  According to World Bank’s population data, there were  almost 48 million people living in Colombia as of 2012.  The Colombian flag represents the cultural diversity through its contrasting colors of yellow, blue and red.

Over the past decade the Colombian economy has been on an up rise.  According to Colombian Reports, the British magazine Capital Finance International recognized Colombia for having the best stock exchange in South America.  This is a direct reflection of the increase in investment opportunities available to local and foreign investors.  In 2012, Colombia reported to have 1.6 million tourists.  The country’s Minister of Commerce, Sergio Diaz-Granados, announced that the country is hoping to attract 4 million tourists in 2014.

The country has also encouraged to do business with the United States.  A year ago a free-trade agreement was signed between the two countries leaving a great incentive to consider expanding business to Colombia.  Due to a slow U.S. Economy there has been a slow growth in exports to the United States.

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