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Experience Chile

Experience Chile

Chile Flag

Located in a narrow strip down the west coast of South America between Argentina and the Pacific you will find Chile.  As the sixth largest country with a growing population of over 16 million people; you will find a community of retirees who migrated from their native lands.  You will find about 40% of the population residing in the countries capital, Santiago.  Democracy was restored from dictatorship in 1989.  The economy has experienced a boost through the export industries.  Chile is known to have a leading copper mine in Chuquicamata and Escondida.

Things to experience in Chile:

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Copyright Dreamstime

Easter Island Statues are a great tourist location.  Here you will find massive and historical stone statues (Moai).  These stones date back to at least the 1700’s and were built by the Rapanui natives.

Another tourist attraction is the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, a park located in Patagonia region.  Here you will find forest, glacial lakes, and a portion of the Andes.

Enjoy the Teleférico over Santiago, which is a cable car trip over the city. Here you will experience the beautiful landscape of the Andes Mountains. You can also reach the highest point at 860 meters or 2821.52 feet.

The Laguna Verde is a green lagoon that changing colors with the time of day. The lagoon is surrounded be the three volcanoes, Ojos de Salado, Mulas Muertas and Incahuasi. This is a great hiking location.

In the North side of Chile you will find a seven thousand year old burial with the Chinchorro Mummies. This is the oldest mummification process dating back farther then the Egyptian mummies.

Chile’s rich soil and climate has been grape growing. Thus, allowing this country to become world renowned in the wine industry. You can find Wineries with tastings throughout Santiago.



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  1. I reckon one requires around a month to visit the long country thoroughly. There’s a lot to see…
    Besides Rapa Nui, the Juan Fernandez Islands are also breathtaking beautiful…