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So you want to be an Expat?

So you want to be an Expat?

Now that you are here, chances are you want to retire as an Expat.  Expat is short for Expatriate, which derives from the Latin term ex patria (meaning out of the country).  An expat is defined as someone who temporarily or permanently moves out of his or her country of origin.  There are several reasons why someone may decide to take on this type of adventure.  Reasons include work, education, spontaneity, or retirement.

As the expat industry grows there are more incentives to retire overseas.  Although it can be a complicated transition there are several industry experts and organization that can make your transition worry free. Some things to consider before moving overseas are language, visas, finances, laws, and cultural differences.

One way to assure that you are taking the necessary steps would be to consult an expert who specializes in Expat travels.  Be sure to find an expert that is licensed and is versed in international immigration laws to assure you are in compliance.  If you choose to consult an expert, do your research.  There are several companies that claim to provide expat services at competitive prices, but are not licensed.  It will save a lot more time and headache to pay a little more for a licensed professional with an expertise in your destination of choice.  Although at first the paperwork may be overwhelming, but with the right Reclocation expert by your side your adventure will become everything you dreamed it to be and maybe even more!