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Max Thompson and wife

“Between World’s services are professional in every extent possible. They not only translated my documents perfectly, but also sent them to my Department of State and had each Apostilled. The manner in which they handled my personal documents was confidential and extremely professional. Thank you!”
-The Thompsons – Retired, Living in Ecuador

James Miller and wife

“Between Worlds has been extremely responsive, proactive, timely, courteous, and knowledgeable in every aspect of their dealings with us. When there was an issue with the Ecuadorian consulate in one state office, they found that the consulate for Ecuador in another state did not have a problem with our visa application and they traveled eight hours just to get the job done. That was heroic efforts and a common sense approach to dealing with a bureaucratic barrier. They just get things done. Rachel and I would recommend them to everyone.”
-Jim and Rachel Miller – Retired Couple, Living in Ecuador

The Chases

“Between Worlds was very professional, knowledgeable and responsive to my needs to obtain the proper documents, have them Apostilled and most of all have them properly translated. My wife and I were able to obtain our residency cards here in Ecuador in less than two months. We have seen people here trying to go it on their own but to only run into problems and frustrations. If you are thinking of moving to another country, I suggest getting a professional, such as Between Worlds, to help you. It will save you a lot of time and prevent frustrations.”
-Jim and Arlene Chase – Retired couple in Ecuador
“Between Worlds was a lifesaver for me. I was moving to Ecuador and didn’t know a thing about the process or how to speak Spanish. I handed over all my documents and everything was completed professionally and quickly. It’s stressful enough moving to another country, but Between Worlds took care of the paperwork and translations so I didn’t have too. It made my transition much smoother.”
-Gemma Bradley – Retiree living in Ecuador

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