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Time for a change of scenery!

Time for a change of scenery!

If you have the privilege, opportunity, or curiosity to travel, why not take it?  There are expats all over the world learning a new culture. As of 2001, the U.S. Census has roughly estimated over 2.2 million Americans are living overseas.  Whether it is for retirement, business, or a need for change, there are 3 key points to consider before you making the big leap.

Research is critical. 

This will be an important and pivotal move in your life.  Be sure that you have researched everything about your country of choice.  Everything that is important to you now will be important in you when you move.  Research tax laws, health care, occupational opportunities and real estate.

Break the language barrier.

Try to bridge the gap by learning their language and hiring a translator.  A translator will be helpful in the beginning to assure there are no misunderstandings until you are emerged in the prospective culture.

Outsource the paperwork.

Once you are comfortable with making the move it is time to transition.  Unless you are an expert an immigration laws hiring an expert is encouraged.  The expert will be able to assist in processing paperwork, translations and interpretations when needed.  Since personal and sensitive information will be exposed be sure to find a licensed trustworthy company.  Working with a company will also aid in future needs if you are moving a team or need to renew visas with ease.